Welcome to blot’s documentation!

Blot is a static site generator built upon an idea of generalized content processing. It has no pre-concieved notions of the kinds of content sources you have or how they should be utilized in site generation. Instead, the problem of site-generation is modeled as a general problem of content transformation. In Blot the problem model is something like:

  • What types of content are there?
  • For a given content type, where should we get the content?
  • How should content sources be parsed into assets?
  • What kinds of asset transformations should be made?
  • How do assets relate to output content?
  • How should output content be rendered?
  • How should output content be written?

At a high-level this problem can be broken into two steps:

  • Content Reading where content sources are discovered, parsed and processed. The result is a context object containing all the resulting content assets.
  • Asset Writing where the resulting file-system location of assets are determined and they are rendered to disk.

Blot site-configuration reflects this process and consists of defining pipelines that answer all of these questions. Luckily, nice abstractions make it easy for you to define such pipelines for your needs.